Security Systems for Both of Our Houses

I am not the type of person to get afraid easily. I can watch zombie movies and shows, and then go for a walk at midnight without being afraid. I can go to haunted houses, and usually I will laugh at their attempts to scare me. Bungee jumping is a thrill, as are roller coasters. What finally brought me to my knees in fear though was when there was a home invasion on my parent’s street. After getting all the details, the first thing I did was look up ADT in Sacramento on my computer.

They are old school, but this scared them a lot too. Continue reading

Success Starts In The Mind

We hear over and over again, “You can do anything if you set your mind to it.” If this is true why aren’t more incredible things being accomplished on a daily basis? If all that stands between us and success is ourselves, why are more home businesses failing than soaring? It all comes down to how we perceive our business to be and what goals we set we set in our minds. More often than not, we set our minds to failure.

We can easily set our minds on what we will have for dinner and go after it. Likewise, we can almost robotically figure out what television shows to watch for the entire evening and then spend the night battling all distractions so that we can sit in front of a glowing box and soak in every moment. But when it comes to gaining freedom through our home business, we never have that same decisiveness. This because instead of focusing our minds on how to accomplish the goals for our business and ultimately succeed, we focus on all the obstacles that we imagine might come against us and we are defeated before we even begin.

Having a successful mind set does not mean that we will never worry about or experience problems in our business, it means having the resolve to push past those negative barriers and take another step towards our prize. Here are a few tips on how train your mind for success:

Set your business goals for the day.

Most people do not set daily goals when they start their business, they just sit in front of their computer fumbling at several different tasks hoping to get “something” accomplished. When you clearly define your goals you know what you are working towards and when you have succeeded.

Make your goals specific.

If people do set goals it is usually on a very broad scope. Examples of those types of goals are, “My goal is to make a million dollars” or “I will buy a new car.” While these goals may be attainable in the future, they are impractical for the average person who is in the beginning stage of building their business. Specific daily goals should be set so that they can be accomplished within that day. Goals like these can include, “I will set up my computer” or “I will review the new software program I purchased,” or anything else that you can do to take a success stride towards your daily goal.

Celebrate your victories.

No matter how small you feel a task is, if it was one of your daily goals and you accomplished it, you have succeeded. Take pride in what you have done because you are one step further than when you started.

Look ahead to the next day.

When you complete the tasks that you set for the day, you can look at the next with confidence knowing that you have the ability to turn goals into concrete reality. Use the success you have earned and carry it to the next day and the next and the next. You can keep building on the daily successes you have until they spill over to the ultimate success you have in your mind.

7 Myth in starting a Home Based business

A Unique Idea – Having a unique idea is good, but it is not a must have. Look
into your industry and find something to improve on instead. Many existing
markets are large enough to accommodate competition. Look at McDonald’s,
Burger King, Wendy’s and other familiar names would seem dominate that market,
leaving no room for new competition, however new restaurants are popping up
all the time. Build a business out of something you are interested in.

It is Difficult – Many people thing that starting a business is complex and
difficult. I think otherwise. There are many businesses you can start that
are really straightforward. For example the franchise business. It has
training and step-by-step system to get your business going. The rise of ebay
is another business that allows people to start a low capital auction
business. Network Marketing offers a home franchise approach, providing step-
by-step system to follow so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

A lot of Capital – Lets be realistic. If you want to start a business that
makes 6 or 7-figure income, it is going to take some commitment (capital).
Compared to start-up capital required for many poplar franchise or brick and
mortar store, home base business can be started for a small fraction of the

No free time – If you are leaning towards a traditional brick and mortar
store or a franchise, then you will not have any free time. Who wants that
right? The point of starting your own business is to have freedom and
flexibility with your time. Since that is your objective, starting your own
business help you to work harder and not smarter. You leverage on your time
and resources instead of working on your own.

I Need Employees – Most home based businesses doesn’t requires any employees.
For example a document translation business does not require any employees.
You run the business by yourself. A study revealed that the 5.4 million
majority women-owned firms without employees make a significant contribution
to the economy, generating $167 billion in sales.

It Will Take A Long Time To Be Profitable – How do you define ‘long time’?
Three months? Six months? You need to have a ready business plan before you
decide to start a business and you need to anticipate how long you are
willing to stay in business before you see profit.

It’s Risky – Risk is a function of how much is at stake. Many businesses can
actually be started for little or no money at all. For example a computer
service business, they require very little to start up. According to
Entrepreneur Magazine, 95 of people succeed when they start a business with a system!
Create your own marketing plans and business system and your business will
far more likely to succeed.

So, as you can see many of the ideas we have about starting a business simple
are not true. You CAN start a business more easily today than ever. There are
many good opportunities out there to choose from. If starting a home-based
business is what you want, find the right opportunity for yourself and take

Helpful Tips for Setting up a Mini Site For Your Products

The term minisite may refer to several different factors. A number of individuals call little market article websites minisites, but that isn’t the overall use from the phrase. Throughout Internet promoting, the word mini site is typically used to relate to quite little web sites that are set up to sell a product or service – normally an ebook or various other electronic digital download.

Nearly all mini websites are merely one to five web pages. A lot of them are just a single sales page web site, as well as possibly a thank you site for after the client orders. Others have a contact web site, a service terms web page, a faq’s site, or perhaps some other general pages.

With regards to this particular article, we’ll simply operate on creating a solitary web site minisite, and we will handle only the layout not the actual sales copy. The majority of mini sites have numerous crucial parts. They typically possess a header as well as footer, although quite a few have got simply a header, or might have none.

Additionally they possess a sales letter of some sort or other, that is used to market the item. Lastly, they’ve a purchase link which is clicked on each time a consumer would like to buy the product or service. A number of minisites also have an ecover, that is a laptop or computer produced picture that mimics what the product or service may possibly look like if it had been a physical merchandise.

For example, when the item is an e book, the ecover might appear just like a hardbound or paperback book cover (sometimes a spiral note pad, as well). If the product is really a membership website, the e-cover might be a membership card. Software program products generally possess a 3D software program package as their ecover.

The initial step in creating a mini site ought to be producing your e-cover, should you intend to use one. Most people generate their eCovers with Photoshop, since most e-cover action scripts merely work with Illustrator. In the event you don’t have Photoshop, you may well require to develop this from scratch, or perhaps have it designed for you by a expert image designer.

Following you’ve your cover design, you’ll need to produce a header. Even though a few internet marketers do not use headers, the majority do. A properly created header can easily pull interest to your heading, and it can make your web site appear far more specialist.

The header ought to contain your product’s name and a subject like a one sentence blurb which tells exactly what ones site’s about. It ought to also consist of a photograph which is connected for your specialized niche, also it may also comprise a modest variation of your e-cover all hooked in to a style for the demographic.

Why don’t we say you could be creating a minisite to market your canine training e-book. Your header would likely potentially contain an image of a lady pointing at a doggy, as well as the puppy sitting down. Then the particular text message on the header may well state something such as the following: Doggy Training 101: The best Help guide to Training Your pup or even Grownup Doggy!

Really do not make your header as well big. When the header is so big site visitors cannot start to see the headline with out scrolling, it’s too large! It must bring in awareness of the particular headline, not necessarily conceal it. Headers are normally between seven hundred and eight hundred pixels broad and also one hundred to 2 hundred pixels tall.

The footer is generally exactly the same width, however about 50 % of the height from the header. It may just comprise the item brand or logo design, but may well also include a picture or copyright notice. Finally, you will need a purchase button that pulls plenty of interest. Your link may consist of your ecover, along with a brightly colored button and also a call to action, for example Just click Below for Access immediately!

If you could have the funds to commit, you may look at buying a minisite package from a expert designer. For around three hundred dollars, you’ll get the header, footer, ecovers, and at times extra ads that you are able to utilize for off page promotions.


Promoting Business In A Bad Economy Using Promotional Merchandise

These days every pound spent is valuable and needs to be considered wisely. As the economic recession is coming to an end people are still compromising their shopping, using coupons and trying the get the best deal over the Internet. As for the current economic condition, people are careful and spend their pounds only where they can afford and on what they need.

The impact of this bad economy on business sector also had a detrimental effect. Businesses are forced to make cuts, to curb spending and find the best ways to bring in new business opportunities. Still, there is competition and companies still need to market themselves for survival. It becomes harder co-ordinate cash flow and ways to spend money to find new business. There is also a factor to identify the best ways to get new business and to match this to the current advertising budget.

Advertising your products and services on TV or radio commercial is a traditional way but these means are very expensive. It will be wise to spend your money, especially under this difficult economy, on something that is much simpler and less expensive. This is where you can get your name out there with correctly using promotional products, a less expensive medium of advertising.

The Promotional Products Association has recently conducted a study which was entitled Effectiveness of Promotional Products as an Advertising Medium. They did the survey with 1,000 consumers, regarding which promotional items had been received within the past two years. Out of these 1000 people, 72% of them were able to remember the name of the advertiser on those promotional products they had received. 83% of them said that they liked receiving promotional items.

The exceptional fact about promotional items is that there is such a wide and variety of range of products to choose from. Starting from the simple items like pens, travel mugs, and umbrellas to the more sophisticated like clocks, gift baskets, and computer accessories; therefore there are endless possibilities for you to utilise. Any organisation can always find something that will fit within its budget and that will effectively get its corporate message out to the public. Promotional products will enable you to be creative.

You can attract various groups of people toward your products and services with promotional products. Good places for distribution include up and coming community events or conferences and exhibitions. Tee shirts are always a great gift to reward customers or to be used as an incentive. As many people are now becoming conscious about the environment, reusable water bottles are another great way to get your brand recognised.

Promotional products are the best way to get your message to your customers and prospects. Everyone loves to receive free gift. If they like the item they receive with your company name on it, the possibility is high that they will remember your name and ultimately this will result in new business opportunities.

3 Benefits of Starting a Home Design Business

Running your design business from home has many benefits over working in an office or working for someone else. The three main reasons people work from home are freedom, control and security and these top benefits of working from home are the main reason why so many people are becoming work from home designers each day.

Firstly, there is a lot of responsibility in being your own boss and owning a home design business, but at the same time there is a lot of freedom, as well. A person working from home can arrange a schedule to fit their needs. They can work around their life instead of having to schedule their life around work. Work no longer takes centre stage and monopolizes every moment. Anyone who owns a home design business will say that they find they are enjoying life more than ever before because they have freedom to taste the fruits of their labour.

Secondly, running a design business from home means a person is in control. If they do not want to do something then they do not have to. They have nobody to answer to and nobody to blame but themselves. Control also means that a person can usually choose how much money they want to make. Many people who work from home find that their design business potential is only limited by the worker themselves. Anyone running their own business from home has control over their earnings and therefore have the ability to make much more then they ever could in a 9 to 5 job where earning is usually ridged and controlled by the employer, not the employee.

Many people do not see the security in running a design business from home. They often think quite the opposite actually and believe that there is less security. The truth is that it offers security because the person is in charge. They choose who they do business with. They can work with multiple clients so if one client stops giving them business they still have others to fall back on. A person is in control of their own security and it is easy to build a secure future without the worries of losing their job or getting a pay cut.

There is no doubt that working from home provides ultimate freedom and satisfaction which is vital for a design business where creative freedom and ease of mind is key.

An alternative business career using online search skills

If you are getting tired of working for someone else or would like to explore how to make more money and develop an alternative career that can free you from your current job … then please give this article a thorough read. It discusses how to take skills you may already possess and interest you may already have to help you start a brand new career or explore alternatives to what you are doing now.

Chances are that you are reading this article online or found it online and printed it out to read later. The internet has become a powerful and essential tool for many people for information, entertainment and education. But did you know that you can use a simple a tool as your web browser and internet access to make money from what you find online?

Yes, you can and this article will tell you how you can do it.

There are many industries that the concept we are going to discuss could be applied to but we are going to focus specifically on one: the Mergers & Acquisitions Industry (M&A).

The M&A business for many years was predominantly limited to ‘insiders’ who had connections with each other (it was called, the ‘old boys’ network). These ‘insiders’ made millions of dollars by sharing information between themselves as to which companies were for sale and who wanted to buy them. As mergers and acquisitions “matchmakers” (also called “finders’’), they brought the “seller” and “buyer” together and made their huge finder’s fees.

Now all that has changed; the Internet makes it possible for anyone using a computer to research and access business information that was previously hard to find and often available only to the ol’ boy ‘insiders’. And you can earn a finder or referral fee for introducing business buyers and sellers that result in a closed transaction.

Let’s approach our discussion on this in the form of a Question & Answer session:

Is the Mergers and Acquisitions business really that profitable?

Absolutely. And being a finder for M&A deals can be a very lucrative home-based profession.

You can think of it like being a real estate broker, only you match buyers and sellers of businesses, instead of homes. As a real estate broker you can sell a house for $100,000 or you can sell a house for $1 million. The more expensive the house, the more commission you earn. M&A finder or referral fees can be a lot more, since businesses transactions can be quite larger than a residential real-estate transaction.

M&A Deal Finders do matchmaking with businesses that have at least $1 million in sales and go all the way up to $100 million in sales, on that basis alone; being a matchmaker in acquisitions and mergers is a much more profitable business than being a real estate broker.

You are an intelligent person, but you don’t have an MBA degree or a law degree; will you be able to do Mergers and Acquisitions matchmaking?

To answer this question, let’s take our example of being a real estate broker. You show a home for sale, the buyer either likes the home or they don’t. If they don’t like it, you take them to another home until they find the one they want. Mergers and Acquisitions works exactly the same way, only you use the power and information found on the internet to find what business buyers and investors are looking for and then find business owners and sellers that match what the buyers/investors are looking for … and all of the research is done on the computer using the internet to find businesses. Obviously having specialized learning, education or training will be of help to you in any business but you do not have to be a lawyer, CPA or have an MBA in order to be a successful Finder.

One thing to keep in mind; being a Finder does not mean you are a broker. As a Finder you do not take on any fiduciary role or act as an agent on behalf of the buyer or seller; you are merely a matchmaker bringing the two parties together and for that you can earn a finder or referral fee.

Can I do this part-time and do I need to travel or have a fancy office for this type of business?

In the mergers and acquisition finder business you can search for and research businesses and buyers online and send and receive emails day or night, anywhere in the world. This way you can live in Oregon and be working on your computer at night (instead of watching TV) to sell a private business in Arizona to a public company located in Florida. The Florida Company will be closed when your email arrives that evening, but they can reply to you the next day. You can use email all over the world to send and receive business documents and it’s 100% free. Being a professional finder is perfectly suited for a home office. You can start out part-time spending as little as one hour per evening on your computer (the Internet is ‘open’ 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, so you can set your own hours).

To demonstrate what is possible, I worked on selling a private telecommunications company in Brazil to a public company located in California, and most of the communication for the deal (specifically all of mine to the buyer and seller) was done by email. I will never meet in person the buyer, the seller, the executives of the business or ever see the actual company.

Best of all you don’t have to know very much about the different businesses being sold. I don’t know a lot about telecommunications, but the public company that is the buyer knows that business very well. I just forward the selling company’s information by email to the buying company. The buying company evaluates the business deal and tells me if they want to proceed.

Why is the Mergers and Acquisitions finder business so much in demand?

Let’s say there is a public company that distributes computer software to retail stores like CompUSA. The public company has sales of $5 million and they want to grow. The public company can hire more salesmen and try to get into additional stores. But this can take a long time. What is the solution? They work with an M&A “matchmaker” to find them a company in the same business they can buy or merge with. You find a private company in the software distribution business with $5 million in sales (using Internet search engines and online industry directories) and you contact them to see if they are interested to work with you to be introduced to the public company buyer. If they are, you send the public company a blind profile on the business and the public company will tell you if they want to proceed with interest in the business.

Finding suitable acquisitions to make is how a public company can double its sales very quickly. That is why this service is in such high demand.

The M&A business is worldwide and so huge you will have not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of business owners, buyers and sellers. This opportunity is almost unlimited because each year more than 2 million businesses are up for sale in the USA alone, internationally the opportunity is even greater and all you need is a computer and Internet access.

How would I get started at this business?

Buyers can be found online by using a search engine and entering “business buyers” and then looking to see what the buyers have posted online for businesses wanted. This is an important step to take first because you want to start your “seller searches” with a buyer in mind. When you find an active buyer, create a document in your word processing program that details what the buyer is looking for. That becomes the buyers “profile” for you to use when searching for businesses and sellers for them. Here are the important things to make note of:

1. What industry (type of business are they looking to buy or invest in)? 2. What size (does the buyer need the business to meet a minimum revenue or sales level before they would consider buying or investing in them)? 3. What level of profitability (does the buyer need the business to meet a minimum earnings or net income level before they would consider buying or investing in them)? 4. What location(s) is the buyer interested in (are they looking everywhere or just in a specific city/state/region)?

In our own network we have over two hundred business buyers, with their full acquisition criteria, we are currently working with and every month others contact us to assist them in finding business owners and sellers that would be interesting investments or acquisitions for them.

Here is an example: Recently, a public company CEO sent me an email and asked me to help him find a private business that he could acquire for his public company. I researched “businesses for sale” using a search engine and found a business seller that would be of interest to the public company. For my efforts the business seller and the buyer both agreed to pay me a Finder’s Fee. My email box is almost always full with requests from business buyers and sellers who want to be ‘matched up’.

Finding business owners and sellers is very easy. Through your own experience and contacts you may even know the owner of a business who might be interested in selling and if you do not directly know any business owners, then thousands of businesses can be found online. For example, use any search engine and enter “business for sale”. You will find thousands of web sites that list different businesses for sale. When you find the business you think will be of interest to a specific buyer, you contact the seller or business owner to see if they are interested to work with you and are willing to pay you a finder or referral fee to be introduced to buyer prospects.

When they reply with interest, you get your fee agreement in place with them and then fill-out a simple form describing the business for sale that shows the business matches what the buyer says they are looking for. You then forward that information to the buyer in what is called a ‘blind profile’ so the buyer cannot contact the seller without getting back in touch with you. If the buyer doesn’t like the deal, then just send them another business for sale that matches their criteria until they find what they are looking for.

When the buyer and seller each finds what they want, the deal goes into escrow. Before escrow closes the buyer (not you) makes a trip to inspect the business. The buyer meets with management and inspects their facility. If everything is acceptable, they present their offer, their professionals prepare the paperwork, set a closing date for the transaction and the buyer and seller tell the escrow company to proceed with the closing and your Finder’s Fee check is mailed to you or your fee is wired to you at the time of the closing of their transaction.

Does it really work?

We cannot make any earnings claims to you because success is up to an individuals effort, discipline and capabilities but many of the people we know in the M&A matchmaker business earn between $500,000 to over $3 million dollars each year. Again that does not mean that you will earn this much, or anything at all, since it all depends on your motivation, work habits and follow-up. Also keep in mind that this is not a “get rich quick” business, it takes time and effort on your part just like it does with any ‘real’ business. This business takes research on your part to find the right seller and contact them to see if they are interested, for the business to be presented to buyers the seller matches to, for the lawyers to prepare the ‘buy-sell agreements’ and for escrow to close before you get your check.

But if you are looking for a great home-based business in an established industry with large income potential, then this is the best opportunity I know and certainly merits further study if you find it appealing to you as well.

Important Tips for Business Credit Card Owners

If you are a business owner, applying for a business credit card is definitely recommended. What are the benefits of having business credit cards? How can credit cards improve your business? In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of small business credit cards and some pointers on how to choose the right one.

Business Credit Card Benefits

Indispensable for emergency expenses. Business credit cards are indispensable particularly when unexpected expenses arise. For instance, if you need to purchase supplies or stocks to meet a large customer order or if one of your machines break and needs to be repaired. Even if you don’t have the cash on hand to address these expenses, you can simply charge them to your card and pay by month’s end or on your next bill.

Build up your business credit. By using your credit card for business related expenses and paying back your balances on time, you can easily build up a solid credit history for your company. An excellent credit history would be an advantage when you apply for a loan for your future projects or plans. As your business grows, making your business credit strong and impressive will certainly make you a strong candidate for lenders who offer the best deals.

Track your expenses more easily. A small business credit card also helps in monitoring your expenses. You can use your monthly statements of account as reference to your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Business credit card companies also send quarterly and yearly account summaries that are especially helpful when filing your business taxes. If you own a home based business, you can easily determine which expenses can be written off or exempted from your taxes.

Access to online banking. Business credit cards today also offer the most convenient way to do banking- through the internet. This means, you can access your account at any time right from your computer. You can also make your purchases or make your payments online using your business credit card. For a business owner with a very busy lifestyle, this option is indeed, invaluable.

Make the Right Credit Card Choice

How can you make the right choice of business credit card? By researching and learning as much information as you can about your prospective credit card. First, determine what type of business credit card matches the needs of your business.

Would you like a credit card that offers a reward program? Is your credit history good enough to qualify for an unsecured credit card? Or do you need a secured credit card to build your business credit?

Credit card review websites are great tools to help you narrow down your choices. These review websites not only present a list of business credit cards that are available in the market, they also enumerate the strongest and weakest points of each card. After reducing your options to just two or three business credit cards- take the time to read the complete Terms and Conditions of each card so you can compare them more efficiently.

7 Ways to Promote your Home Business

1. Always put your URL on letterhead, business cards and in e-mail signatures–wherever potential visitors are likely to see it.

2. Include your URL on all promotional items you give like samples, T-shirts, key chains and so on.

3. If you’re itching for more exposure, you can buy quality MLM Leads, wherein you pay to buy lists of prospects interested in starting a home business.

4. Launch a sweepstakes that offers anyone who registers on your site or subscribes to e-newsletters within a certain time frame the chance to win a free gift.

5. Send out a weekly e-mail newsletter to your downline that offers tips and news related to your company or industry.

6. Offer free content to MLM support website. It’s a win-win situation: The Support group site gets free articles to beef up their offerings and you get a link back to your site and the cachet of being an expert.

7. Get active in online discussion groups and chats and always include your URL in your signature. (Don’t do any hard selling, though. Most groups frown on such behavior and will think you’re spamming the group).

The 3 Deadly Sins Every Network Marketer Should Not Make

You’re committed. You spent money to buy into a network marketing business. You spent even more money paying for the right to use your network marketing company’s websites for marketing. You may even be on an monthly autoship program. You may also have to meet quotas every single month just to get your full commission check.

Did your upline require to buy into their tools, training systems, and dvd’s before they would commit to work with you?

Take a good hard look at all this. You have a whole lot of money going out and chances are you have little to nothing coming in. You’re in the money pit hole and odds are you will not get out any time soon if you keep on at this rate.

Add to the mix the fact that you were probably not given Internet marketing training. And if someone told you that buying leads online is Internet marketing…well you’ve been deceived.

If you truly want success online, you’ve got to stop committing these “sins”:

1. Stop getting sucked into all the hype and get rich over-night stories. The more sucked in you get, the more money that will be sucked out of your wallet.

2. Putting your opportunity above your best interest. Companies go out of business all the time. Not to mention companies can take away your distributorship and all your future residuals at the drop of the hat if they “think” you violated their policies and procedures.

How would you like your income to be wiped out overnight without any warning? It happens quite a lot. Don’t be a foolish statistic. Build your business so that you make multiple streams of income, with your opportunity just being one of them.

3. Not getting any Internet marketing training. Unless you have a marketing degree or experience running a successful business online, you will need to have Internet marketing training. There’s no getting around this, yet many network marketers spend their time trying to get around this…often with disastrous consequences.

How long do you want to keep getting dismal results in your business? How long do you want to keep inviting over frustration and anger into your life? It’s your choice to make. You know the definition of insanity…doing the same things but expecting different results.

There are many network marketers on the brink of despair and insanity because they choose to commit these three deadly sins over and over and can’t figure out why they can’t get ahead in their business.

Don’t be one of them. Let today be the day where you begin to implement a success strategy that can make the difference in your business.