Security Systems for Both of Our Houses

I am not the type of person to get afraid easily. I can watch zombie movies and shows, and then go for a walk at midnight without being afraid. I can go to haunted houses, and usually I will laugh at their attempts to scare me. Bungee jumping is a thrill, as are roller coasters. What finally brought me to my knees in fear though was when there was a home invasion on my parent’s street. After getting all the details, the first thing I did was look up ADT in Sacramento on my computer.

They are old school, but this scared them a lot too. They asked me if I would look into a security system, which was sad because it was the end of an era where they felt safe. Even with all the crime in the world, it had never touched their area beyond juvenile pranks. Now, someone was fighting for his life in the hospital because one of the criminals shot the homeowner. He had opened up the door because someone knocked, never imagining that it would be three men storming into his house. My parents were frightened that it could happen again, and I was too.

They don’t have a peephole on their front door, so they are the types to just open their door too, trusting that only good is on the other side. I wanted to get them a system that would not only alert them to a break in, but one where they would be able to see who is knocking at their door too. I talked with a rep to get all the information I needed to get the right system for them. I live about 40 minutes away, but I ended up getting a system for my house too. If crime can touch their street, then I know that it can touch anywhere at all!