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Projection Mapped Cake: Make Your Cake Look Fantastically Magical In any type of special event or celebration such as wedding and birthdays, the most essential object that they should have is cake. It is also treated as the most anticipated highlight on any kind of event or special occasion as well. A birthday or a wedding will not be completed without having the cake cutting affair, and it is mostly because it is generally our tradition already. And we also need to make sure that we have the best and perfect cake that is highly appropriate for whatever type of celebration or theme we are having in our event. Fortunately, in this current day and age, the cakes are getting more and more improvement all throughout the years in terms of not only their appearance, but their texture and taste as well, and it is mostly thanks to the bakers and chefs all over the planet. But not only that, since cakes in this current day and age, can even be transformed into some extraordinary object that will not only become the envy of your guest and family but also become the best entertainment in your party as well. And this is mostly all thanks to the projection mapping technology system. The projection mapping technology process is basically a type of technology system where it usually make use of 3D objects and shapes to be then showcased onto a surface area through the assistance of a video projector device. In terms of projection mapped cake, the cake will be the main surface as of where the 3D objects, videos or shapes will be displayed. The most ideal type of cake that is used in a projection mapping cake is a more plain surfaced cake without any intricate designs or shapes, mostly because of the fact that it is generally difficult to project videos and objects on a more rough surface, most especially in a cake.
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Although it can ideally get hard if ever the cake is something made with a lot of designs and a much intricate surface, it is still ideally possible to project 3D objects with the help of professional video mapping individuals. Projecting mapped objects to cakes is definitely getting more and more recognized and valued especially in this current day and age. A lot of celebrants most especially kids who are having their birthday and soon to be wives love the projection mapping feature on their cake, due to the fact that they will be able to add their favorite shows or characters and even add some of their own twist and story to the projection mapped cake as well. The projection mapped cake is not going to change in terms of its flavor or texture, and it is still edible as well.A Beginners Guide To Desserts