Success Starts In The Mind

We hear over and over again, “You can do anything if you set your mind to it.” If this is true why aren’t more incredible things being accomplished on a daily basis? If all that stands between us and success is ourselves, why are more home businesses failing than soaring? It all comes down to how we perceive our business to be and what goals we set we set in our minds. More often than not, we set our minds to failure.

We can easily set our minds on what we will have for dinner and go after it. Likewise, we can almost robotically figure out what television shows to watch for the entire evening and then spend the night battling all distractions so that we can sit in front of a glowing box and soak in every moment. But when it comes to gaining freedom through our home business, we never have that same decisiveness. This because instead of focusing our minds on how to accomplish the goals for our business and ultimately succeed, we focus on all the obstacles that we imagine might come against us and we are defeated before we even begin.

Having a successful mind set does not mean that we will never worry about or experience problems in our business, it means having the resolve to push past those negative barriers and take another step towards our prize. Here are a few tips on how train your mind for success:

Set your business goals for the day.

Most people do not set daily goals when they start their business, they just sit in front of their computer fumbling at several different tasks hoping to get “something” accomplished. When you clearly define your goals you know what you are working towards and when you have succeeded.

Make your goals specific.

If people do set goals it is usually on a very broad scope. Examples of those types of goals are, “My goal is to make a million dollars” or “I will buy a new car.” While these goals may be attainable in the future, they are impractical for the average person who is in the beginning stage of building their business. Specific daily goals should be set so that they can be accomplished within that day. Goals like these can include, “I will set up my computer” or “I will review the new software program I purchased,” or anything else that you can do to take a success stride towards your daily goal.

Celebrate your victories.

No matter how small you feel a task is, if it was one of your daily goals and you accomplished it, you have succeeded. Take pride in what you have done because you are one step further than when you started.

Look ahead to the next day.

When you complete the tasks that you set for the day, you can look at the next with confidence knowing that you have the ability to turn goals into concrete reality. Use the success you have earned and carry it to the next day and the next and the next. You can keep building on the daily successes you have until they spill over to the ultimate success you have in your mind.